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Hi there! We’re BrandSwan, an award-winning and woman-owned creative agency. We work with mission and empathy-driven organizations to create bold brands, savvy websites, and impactful marketing campaigns that send clients flocking to you.

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Creative Services

Bold Brands.
Savvy Websites.
Marketing that Matters.


The work we do as a creative agency is more than just designing logos – it’s about building brands with meaningful messaging. Branding combines your values, identity, and reputation into a logo, colors, fonts, messaging, tone, and voice that people can recognize and relate to. Together, we’ll craft a brand story that sets you apart from industry competitors and have customers flocking to your door.

woman-owned creative agency logo design for a Delaware IT Company
Health coach website design by BrandSwan, a Delaware web design agency

Web Design

Crafting digital environments that tell your brand story is our jam. We’re goal-driven and ensure that every page is purpose-built with a clear call to action. With an SEO keyphrase, engaging visuals, and persuasive calls-to-action, our savvy websites transform clicks into customers. They’re designed to funnel visitors towards a successful customer journey, feeding them helpful content and an intuitive interface along the way.


Engage your target audience and demonstrate your value. We’ll work collaboratively to craft a tailored strategy based on your audience and budget, delivering results you can measure. Our campaigns are rooted in organic storytelling, the backbone of our social media, marketing, and SEO strategies. To optimize your marketing ROI, we complement our approach with in-depth analytics and reporting to continually improve your results.

Xtreme Zone Delaware Web design by BrandSwan, a Delaware marketing agency

We welcome you!

At BrandSwan, we’re passionate about partnering with clients who make a difference. We do this because there’s no better feeling than producing meaningful work that deeply resonates with your audience. It’s what drives us in our strategic partnerships with startups, established businesses and nonprofits alike. As a woman-owned creative agency, we keep diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of everything we do.

Your story is what attracts the right people, the right business opportunities, and the right income. Whether you’re launching a new product or creating an entire brand identity from scratch, we’ve got you under our wing.

If your organization is missing that something, let’s talk.

Love Jane Clark

A Wide Variety of Projects in a Wide Array of Industries

Over the past 15 years, our woman-owned creative agency has have partnered with a wide variety of clients in a wide-array of industries: Fortune 300, nonprofits, businesses, and startups.

Some of Our Clients

Logo, graphic design, marketing by woman-owned creative agency BrandSwan
exceptional care for children worked with BrandSwan, a woman owned creative agency.
Logo Design by woman-owned creative agency BrandSwan


New values, ownership changes, or even shifts in industry trends may prompt working with a creative agency to revisit to your brand identity. Here are 8 signs you may need a rebrand.


Connect with your audience through the right brand and the right strategy that leaves them enriched and emotionally in tune with your cause. Let’s talk about not exhausting your audience.


Data shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail after the first year of operations, 30% after 2 years, 45% during the first five years. We can help you build a strong brand presence built for growth.

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Kind Words

“BrandSwan’s clean, creative and compelling designs are empowering and invigorating.”

Towanda Livingston
Chief Business Strategist, Livingston Worx
“We are a new business and definitely credit our branding for helping us grow.”

Michael Parico, realtor and client of BrandSwan
Michael Parico
Realtor, Partners Realty
“Knowledgeable, creative, responsive, quick, and they are also great teachers.”

Michelle D McCann, Author & Divine Channel, client of BrandSwan
Michelle D McCann
Author & Divine Channel
“BrandSwan is the true revolution of the 21 century.”

Jean Milfort, BrandSwan Live interviewee
Jean Milfort
CEO/Owner & Operator, Aras Furniture Rentals
“Do yourself & your business a favor and work with these game changing humans!”

Chelsea Clark, Director of Organizational Culture & Communications at L&W Insurance
Chelsea Clark
Director, Organizational Culture & Communication, L&W Insurance
“BrandSwan turned the vision for my start-up into a reality!”

Tamara Nicholson, Founder/Principle of Unicorn Consulting Solutions
Tamara Nicholson
Founder/Principle, Unicorn Consulting Solutions