10 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Is it Time?

When is It Time to Redesign Your website?

We get this question a lot. When is it time? When it comes to determining if your website is old and in need of a redesign, there are several signs to look for. Outdated design elements, slow page loading and unoptimized mobile support can all indicate that your website is behind the times and needs to be rebuilt. At BrandSwan, we look at this as an opportunity to build the dream website — one that takes menial tasks off your plate and brings you leads.

Planning Your Website Upgrade: Best Practices

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We get it — you need a new website but you’re not sure where to start. Join Jane Clark, Chief Creative Officer here at BrandSwan and special guest Heather Cox of Heather Cox Codes to discuss how to plan for a better and higher functioning website.

10 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Not Representing Who You Are

Your website should be an accurate representation of who you are as a company or brand so if it looks outdated and old you need to consider a redesign. Update the content regularly, as well as the look and feel of the site so it accurately reflects what you represent as a business. Your website should be updated regularly with new content, and it should accurately reflect what your company represents. If your website is old and outdated, or if it doesn’t have the right look and feel, it might be time for a redesign.

Outdated Design Elements

If your website looks old, unappealing and out of date, then it’s probably time for a redesign. Websites can quickly become outdated with old design elements like stock photos, old fonts, and old colors that date your company.

Poor Mobile-Friendliness

If your website takes forever to load on mobile devices or doesn’t look right when viewed on phones or tablets, then you need to consider a redesign. Not only do Google algorithms take into account how well a website performs on mobile devices, but more than 50 percent of web traffic now comes from mobile.

Slow Loading Times
A slow loading website is not only very annoying for users but can also hurt your search engine rankings if pages take too long to load. Having a fast loading site is essential for user experience and SEO purposes so if yours isn’t up to scratch you should consider a redesign. Slow page loading can cause visitors to leave your website, which negatively impacts your search engine ranking.
Not Optimized For SEO
Your website should incorporate SEO best practices like page titles and meta descriptions, keyword optimization and internal linking in order to rank on search engines effectively. If your website hasn’t been designed with maximum SEO potential in mind then it may be time for a redesign overhaul that takes this into account when designing the new site.
Content Is Outdated Or Lackluster

Content is queen when it comes to websites; old or lackluster content will drive people away from your site quickly and won’t give them any reason to come back again either! Keeping content fresh and updated will keep visitors engaged with your site as well as giving them something interesting to read about each time they visit!

Not Built With Latest Technologies & Tools

Technology changes quickly so if you’re still using old technologies on your site it might be time for a revamp! Modern tools can help create better websites with more powerful features which makes it easier for users to interact with the content on your pages — making sure visitors stay longer onsite which helps improve rankings too!

No Interactive Features Or Engagement Opportunities

Modern websites should offer interactive features such as surveys, quizzes or other engagement opportunities which keep users engaged onsite longer than usual — this improves user experience scores and provides valuable insight into how visitors interact with the pages giving invaluable data about how best optimize future pages (and hopefully conversions!)

Unattractive Layout And/Or Navigation Structure

Poor navigation structures can lead people away from relevant pages quickly leaving them confused about where they need to go next – having an effective navigation structure is key if you want visitors finding what they want quickly — meaning less chances of them bouncing offsite immediately after arriving!

Coding Errors And Security Issues

Outdated coding errors or vulnerabilities can lead users away from your site due security issues — modern websites should have the latest coding standards built in plus encryption protocols meaning their data is safe while visiting which helps instill trustworthiness amongst customers meaning more conversions down the line! When it comes to determining if your business website needs a redesign, there are several key indicators that should be taken into account. Outdated design and lack of optimization for mobile devices can give away the age of your website and signal that it’s time for a refresh.

Many business owners struggle with this and can be difficult to answer. The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to web design; what works best for your business will depend largely on the nature of your industry and the goals you have set. If many of these signs resonate with you, then it might be worth exploring the idea of a redesign. 

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