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Branding for Startups — Brand Building & Brand Experience Strategy

Humans make snapshot judgments, and that’s why first impressions matter. In each new client encounter, “you and your business have [about] 7 seconds” to make a lasting positive impression (Forbes). That’s not a lot of time… but this is where great brand storytelling helps you.

The whole point of building your brand narrative is to become these 3 things: recognized, remembered and revered for your work (Philip Vandusen).

That’s all there is to branding for startups! Have this on lock and you’ve won the loyal client game.

Visuals Matter

You are recognized if you have eye-catching visuals. 92.6% of people say the visual dimension is the number one influencing factor affecting their purchasing decisions (Neil Patel). This goes beyond just the first step for branding for startups: the logo. Yes, the logo is the memorable symbol that instantly identifies you, however, it’s presenting this symbol in excellently-designed layouts that really compels more interest from your audience. That’s you being memberable. It’s consistently positioning yourself as a powerful industry player by pairing exceptional visuals with clear, impactful messaging. We recommend that branding for startups should launch boldly to make the biggest entrance.

This will not only increase your brand’s appeal, familiarity, and overall leads, but you also gain the potential to raise your revenue by as much as 23% (Lucidpress).


People say visual is the #1 influencing factor


Percentage of Increased Revnue

The Data

Branding for startups and making a mark in your industry is more important now than ever.  2021 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail after the first year of operations, 30% after 2 years, 45% during the first five years, and 65% after the first 10 years. That’s a lot of businesses. However, a strong brand presence will ensure that both the clients and the money keep flowing in.

At BrandSwan, we work to build that magnetic brand image. We ensure that all your brand material communicates the value you bring to your clients and easily sets you apart from your competitors. We assess your brand to help you identify your unique selling point, and we determine your purpose, values, and character. This helps you flesh out a game-changing strategy for your long-term growth. We follow this up with an amazing logo and brand style sheet to keep you consistent as you spread your message. Pick one of our branding packages to get your message and products out to your clients.


New Businesses Fail after 1 Year


New Businesses Fail after 2 Years


New Businesses Fail after 5 Years


New Businesses Fail after 10 Years
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“BrandSwan’s clean, creative and compelling designs are empowering and invigorating.”

Towanda Livingston
Chief Business Strategist, Livingston Worx
“We are a new business and definitely credit our branding for helping us grow.”

Michael Parico, realtor and client of BrandSwan
Michael Parico
Realtor, Partners Realty
“Knowledgeable, creative, responsive, quick, and they are also great teachers.”

Michelle D McCann, Author & Divine Channel, client of BrandSwan
Michelle D McCann
Author & Divine Channel
“BrandSwan is the true revolution of the 21 century.”

Jean Milfort, BrandSwan Live interviewee
Jean Milfort
CEO/Owner & Operator, Aras Furniture Rentals
Patience, creativity, and attention to detail

Steve Oliver
Owner, Caravel Day Camp
“Do yourself & your business a favor and work with these game changing humans!”

Chelsea Clark, Director of Organizational Culture & Communications at L&W Insurance
Chelsea Clark
Director, Organizational Culture & Communication, L&W Insurance
“BrandSwan turned the vision for my start-up into a reality!”

Tamara Nicholson, Founder/Principle of Unicorn Consulting Solutions
Tamara Nicholson
Founder/Principle, Unicorn Consulting Solutions
Exceeded My Expectations

Todd Popham
Founder & President of Popham Associates
The experience I have had with BrandSwan has been one of the most positive I’ve had with a website design and marketing company. They are always responsive to my questions, and they make sure my goals are realistic and are met.

Kyle Conner
Director of Development, Exceptional Care for Children
each project has been delivered on-time (or sooner), with quality work, and with incredible communication and friendliness along the way!

Morgan Kelly
Communications Director of ACLU Delaware
Everything they said they’d do, they did. They were very professional and patient working with us from start to finish.

C. Linwood Jackson
Rockin’ Hot Radio
BrandSwan has had a major impact on our growth

Toby Guinn, Sr.
Global Merchant Partners

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