BrandSwan Beginnings 

Teakettica & Jenn Wells Design Merge as BrandSwan

Hey there. Welcome to our brand-new branding website! We’re Jane and Jenn, the Co-Founders of BrandSwan, and we’re here to introduce you to our new company!

You can read the official press release below, but the short story is that Jane Clark and Jenn Wells are friends first and business partners second. That human-first, profit-second nature of our partnership is one we intend to bring to all areas of our business. The BrandSwan brand was created after a 10-minute rant where Jane told Jenn how frustrated she was that all the amazing people around her didn’t realize their own value and how “f***ing amazing they are.”

We want to do something about that! You are awesome. We know it and we want you (and the world) to know it, too.

So browse around, learn more about branding or even schedule a free consultation, join our Facebook community with other awesome business owners and professionals, or sign up for our email list to get future updates. We have big plans for this space and for the company, and none of those plans involve leaving our community behind. So join us on this adventure and let’s rise together!

BrandSwan announcement graphic

New Agency Focuses on Story-Driven Branding, Web Design & Marketing

Newark, Delaware — Friends Jenn Wells of Jenn Wells Design and Jane Clark of Teakettica wanted to work together. “Even though we were technically competitors, we’ve always been friends first. The design community here in Delaware is actually rather collaborative. Many of my friends are designers,” shares Clark. Wells points to the friendship clause in their business prenup as proof. While the idea of working together had been tossed around, the pair didn’t have a solid idea of what that would look like until late 2019, when Wells confided to Clark that she was planning on leaving her then full-time job to go back to running a business. Within 30 seconds, Clark had called her friend to get the details and started a conversation that continued into the founding of BrandSwan LLC in February of 2020, a 100% woman-owned company.

“When I founded Teakettica in 2009, it was created mostly out of necessity. The real estate market had just tanked and it was a bad time to find a job,” reveals Clark. “I received a rejection letter a year later from a company I had applied to. They must have had thousands of applications. In contrast to that, BrandSwan was created with thoughtfulness and vision.”

Clark and Wells have a soft spot for helping nonprofits, ethical businesses, and changemakers in every industry make the world a better place.

“I want my business to be more than just a money generator and I want my work to reflect my own personal values. That’s why I’ve been increasingly drawn to the nonprofit and small business communities. Nonprofits work to change the world every day, and by helping a small business owner you can change their entire world,” elaborates Wells.

Their approach focuses on their core strengths — branding and marketing — and applies them strategically for their clients’ industries. The right brand helps businesses and nonprofits cut through the noise of competitors and corporations to stand out and receive recognition for the work they’re doing. Meanwhile, marketing translates that brand into meaningful conversations, leads, and, eventually, income. Most importantly, the duo seeks to unveil clients’ inner confidence, power, and value.

“This means putting people first and highlighting the awesome things they’re already doing, often without realizing it,” continues Wells.

In addition to being Teakettica’s marketing director, Wells is a determined entrepreneur, compulsive organizer, and strategic designer. She began her career with a Visual Communications degree from Delaware Technical & Community College and continued on to get a BS in Media Design from Wilmington University. From there, she dove into business ownership, running her own graphic design business alongside positions within marketing departments in several industries including: healthcare software, nonprofit marketing, and even energy trading. In her free time, Jenn volunteers with the League of Women Voters, helping to promote the VOTE411 voter guide and creating designs for the Delaware Cause Shop, which raises money for Delaware nonprofits.

Clark is a multi-discipline graphic designer and front-end web developer with a specialty in branding, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO). Jane’s diverse portfolio has won 10 first place awards throughout the greater Delaware Valley. She has over 17 years of web and graphic design experience, along with a degree in visual communications. Jane has worked with businesses of all industries and sizes, from Fortune 300 companies to the micro-business next door. She also volunteers with Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation for their event and marketing committees and serves on the board of the Delaware Small Business Chamber.

BrandSwan gained traction in March 2020 once Wells created the Facebook Group, Reveal Your Inner Awesome, which is also the company’s tagline. The group was meant to help professionals, small businesses, and nonprofits pivot during the peak of COVID-19 quarantine. The group features a diverse set of speakers from the Delaware area on a variety of topics — how to respond as a business to politically charged topics like quarantine and #blacklivesmatter, working effectively with interns, the value of getting certified as a woman-owned or minority-owned business, various marketing how-tos, and more.

Teakettica plans on fully merging into BrandSwan by end of 2020. “I’m so excited! Our clients are getting the high-quality work and service that we’re known for, but now they get Jenn and her nonprofit experience. Same team, same values, new vision.”

BrandSwan helps small businesses, professionals, and nonprofits break away from the flock through story-driven branding, web design & marketing. For more information, visit brandswan.design.