Top 10 Most Inspiring Women 2018

Brooke Chase

The City of Wilmington | Digital & Social Media Manager| Visit Website

Jane Clark, Co-Founder of  BrandSwan

Why We Chose Brooke Chase

“I met Brooke at a Mascara & Mimosa event. She approached me easily and effortlessly, introducing herself. I was impressed by her side hustle, B.Social. As I stalked her on social media and got to know her a little more personally, she became the social media gal for TAPP Network. Now she has accepted a new gig at the City of Wilmington. I find myself proud to know her and also awestruck; Brooke is a go getter, brave & beyond talented. I can’t wait to see what this passionate millenial does next.”

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Brooke Chase

The City of Wilmington | Digital & Social Media Manager| Visit Website

Tell us a bit about what you do at Tapp Network

My title is “Personality Provoker” a fun way of saying that I’m the Social Media Director …but I wear all kind of different hats depending on the day. I am involved in account management, I create and write content for social media posts, blogs, press releases, websites, surveys, and emails. I help strategize digital marketing plans, I do some reporting as well as public relations. I get to do interviews with some really interesting people for some of our clients, which is really cool. Sometimes I’m cutting vegetables for our events or taking pictures for social media. I’ve even gone outside to chalk to help promote our #TappSocialSummit. When you work for a company with lots to do, and not lots of people to do it just yet- you just have to get your hands dirty and do whatever is necessary to get the job done!

How do you achieve work/life balance?

It’s a tough balancing act I think for anyone. Especially when you work from home some of the time. I think the key for me has been to document my tasks and my time and to utilize that time as best as you can for what’s most important.  Some weeks there might be a lot more important “work” tasks and a little less “life” time. Then, other weeks there’s a priority on the “life” things and you just have to make sure it’s not always one or the other. I also try to make sure I get a run in a few times a week too. It helps me clear my mind and kind of check out on the “work” stuff and be offline for a little bit. Sometimes being offline for a bit helps with work things though too. When you can kind of marinate on an idea or a concept or something creative and just let it work itself out in your head.

What change do you want to see in the world, and how are you aiding that cause?

I am a big environmentalist and some of what I’ve hoped to see has started to happen. Lots of people really don’t know how to recycle properly or what it means to fix something that might just be a bit broken but could be fixed. Or how shopping on facebook marketplace or your local thrift store instead of buying something new can make a huge difference to saving all of the energy it takes to always go out and buy a new one. There are lots of initiatives happening right now with the #recycleright campaign and the #laststraw movement and it just makes my heart happy to see this marketing happening in a field I work in. One day I’d like to do social media for either my own campaign or be part of a nonprofit or business devoted to helping educate people to save the planet. Working with Tapp has allowed me to work with nonprofits and other mission-based organizations to help them really raise awareness for their cause to make the world a better place. One of the clients we have is called, The Bee Foundation, and they raise awareness and funds for research about brain aneurysms. Their audience is so niche and sometimes their posts reach so many people, even organically. It makes me feel really great to be part of their cause. I feel like even though my role is on a small scale, knowing I helped leverage their message to reach so many more people that I’m making a difference. That is the kind of thing that makes all the hard work totally worth it.

What advice would you give to millennials interviewing for marketing jobs in the greater Delaware and Philadelphia area?

I would tell them definitely to learn as much as you can by reading articles daily. Everyday. In the digital world we live in today, everything is changing on a daily basis. From social media best practices to new features to changes in how we send email and create websites. You can’t just get your degree and be finished because you will be quickly outdated.  This can also be a great pro though for someone just starting out, even if you have little experience because the info is all there. You just have to seek it out, read it and learn it. I would also tell them to join networking groups. Whether it’s a chamber of commerce or something else, just get involved. Mascara and Mimosas or Women in Digital and some great ones! The more people you know and the more you contribute to that group, the more contacts you’ll have that will see you getting out there and getting to work. Those are the people you want in your corner and those are the people that when it comes time to hire someone, that will want to hire you.

What are your 3 biggest accomplishments?

1. One is that I’ve been starting to do a little bit of public speaking.  It’s crazy sometimes to think of yourself as a thought leader but when you get asked to speak at an event and you make a presentation and the people you’re speaking to are engaged and ask questions and you have the answers it really is a super cool feeling to know that you’ve helped teach them something. One of those speaking events will be happening next week at the Millennial Summit on August 7th. I’ve been on the board and planning for this for a year. I’ll be emceeing the #NonprofitLuau sponsored by Tapp Network and I’m also going to be on the panel of the Civics Track called: The Art and Skill of Advocacy: Activating Millennials.

2. I’m on the “Rick Jenson’s World Famous Thirsty Thursday Show” on WDEL every Thursday at noon which is kind of a dream come true. I get to taste some really crazy beers and chat about what they taste like to our listeners. It’s really fun and a great experience so I feel lucky to be able to do my job and still be on the show living a little piece of my dream.

3. Another accomplishment I’m proud of also proud of was getting my certification for Social Media which allowed me to start my side business and really how I got my job at Tapp. I was the first one in my family to go to college so I had never considered myself as someone that would continue my education farther than that. I’m so glad I did!

If you had to start over from scratch knowing what you know now, would you do anything different? If so, what would you do?

YES! More internships! I would go back and apply to intern everywhere to gain more experience. It took me kind of a long time to get where I felt like I had reached this place where I felt accomplished or where I felt like I was doing what I really wanted to do. I think those experiences would have helped immensely.  I didn’t really know many people doing internships back then so I hadn’t recognized how important they would be to my career.  I’d also find someone doing what I wanted to do and email them. Especially women. We all want to help empower each other but no one is going to do it for you. You have to put it out there to the universe and she will totally have your back!

Give a shout out to a woman or women who you consider to be your mentor(s)

I would say, Stef Roselle, because she started doing social media when I still worked with her at DCI. She really pushed me to get my certification at the U of D.  Also, Cher Goodchild from WSTW taught me A LOT about graphic design which has helped me in making simple social media graphics that otherwise I’d not so good at! I would also say, my Mom, because she has always worked so hard. She taught me that no matter what you want in life, if you really want it, you just have to work hard, dress the part and just go get it.

Tomorrow we will post another fabulous gal. Stay tuned…

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