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What is it like to work with BrandSwan?

Company Culture

  • Inspiring Clients — Our clients are amazing! From entrepreneurs to nonprofits, these are people who are building their dream or working to make the world a better place (and sometimes both).
  • Company Values — We’re super laid back and pretty much an open book about our values. Case in point: brandswan.design/safe-spaces-letter/
  • Remote Work — It’s a virtual world! The team keeps in touch via Slack messaging and the occasional video call.
  • Collaborative — Despite that, we have a truly great team that is willing to juggle tasks and help each other out. Many of your projects will be created in collaboration with our team, but you can still use them in your portfolio!
  • Flexible — We can work with your availability. As long as you communicate with us about your bandwidth and ETAs, it doesn’t much matter if you have 5 hours a week or 15, or what time of day you work.
  • Compensation — We pay anywhere from $16-$25/hour depending on quality of work and/or experience level. Currently, our team is all freelance but we’re hoping to change that in 2022! BrandSwan is an equal opportunity employer.


  • Own your own computer and have access to any software you need for the position
  • No embarrassing or derogatory public profiles (what you do privately is your own business)
  • Ability to self-manage your own time. We’ll check in a couple of times a week but no one will be micromanaging for deliverables
  • Great communication skills
  • Be open to learning new things and new processes
  • Willingness to do boring tasks like saving those logo files in 20 different formats or resize 30 different photos for web. (Yes, even Co-founders get stuck with the boring stuff!)
  • Leave your ego at the door. Branding is very personal and even if you think you know better, it needs to reflect the client’s preferences. Pick your battles.

Now Looking For…

Graphic Designers

  • Making vector graphics like logos and icons
  • Brand design (brand assets like curating fonts, colors, imagery, etc)
  • Graphics for print like brochures, ads, flyers, business cards, rack cards, posters, etc
  • Graphics for web like social media covers, email marketing, infographics, web
  • Saving final logo files and photos for web and other formats

Web Designers

  • Designing and developing websites (90% WordPress)
  • Making revisions to design and content elements
  • Resizing photos and optimizing things for the web
  • Learning responsive and accessibility best practices and helping us keep our websites up to par
  • Helping out with standard web maintenance tasks
  • Adding alt text to images and optimizing pages for SEO


  • Creating graphics using Canva
  • Writing social media captions, emails, blog posts, and possibly ads
  • Using social media scheduling tools
  • Researching hashtags, optimal posting times, and platforms
  • Brainstorming marketing ideas with the team

P.S. Don’t see yourself represented on our team page? Don’t worry — we are always seeking to bring fresh new ideas and perspectives from a variety of places, cultures, styles, and identities.

Interested in Working with BrandSwan?

Are you our newest team member? We hope so! At BrandSwan, we love integrating a diverse group of contractors and freelancers into our team. We pay hourly based on skills and experience and team meetings are optional. You can be as integrated or independent as you want!

We need help in the following areas: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Content Development, and more.

Fill out the form to get started and we’ll be in touch to see if it’s a good match.

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