DIY Marketing vs. Partnering with a marketing agency

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BrandSwan Analytics ReportSocial media is a bustling boulevard teeming with eager customers who can’t wait to be charmed by your cool sign and eye-catching window display.

As the name suggests, it’s social! A space designed for people to feel relaxed and open up to engaging with different individuals and unique topics that pop up on their scroll.

Attract them with an irresistible storefront:  captivating stories and experiences that connect with hearts and minds. Not just a product pitch that hammers them with flavorless sales talk.

Your success lies in your ability to attract and retain their attention, and offer the long-lost solution that they were looking for.

Building that kind of content is where a lot of businesses struggle.

Here is a side-by-side look at how a marketing agency’s game plan would differ from the average business owner’s DIY approach:

BrandSwan breaks down the pros and cons of DIY Marketing. Partnering with a Marketing Agency can quickly scale your marketing efforts.

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In Marketing, we refer to this process as creating a funnel and establishing customer touchpoints. These are crucial elements in your business strategy that encourage your customers to get closer to making that purchase.

Serious about building the right virtual window display? We craft content that captivates and converts. Book a strategy call with me and let’s get those leads!

P.S.  Look out for the full article explaining how the DIY approach might be losing you tons of money.


Jane Clark, Co-Founder & Brand Strategist of BrandSwan

Jane Clark, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of BrandSwan

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