We do more (work, socializing, volunteering, you name it!) than ever before, and we expect more of our own performance than ever before. We expect perfection of ourselves in every arena, from child-raising to work performance, and the stress we put on ourselves results in a huge host of negative physical and mental symptoms. But what if instead we simply stopped?

Gigi Gaul talks about what embracing imperfection looks like based on research, reading, and her own experience with overcoming perfectionism. Gigi works full time with Wilmington University as an Admin and Adjunct Instructor, as well as serving on the board for the Delaware Fund for Women, and volunteering with nonprofits like Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Delaware Chapter. In other words, Gigi knows firsthand what it’s like to be busy, and she’s ready to share her experience with escaping the culture of busy.

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