Virtual Event on Nov. 13 2020


Contact: Jenn Wells, Co-Founder of BrandSwan
Phone: (302) 722-6646

BrandSwan Steps up their November 13th Virtual Event Game with Help from Delaware Community

Second Virtual Event Focuses on Celebrating the Inherent Awesome of Every Entrepreneur and Professional

NEWARK, DELAWARE, November 2, 2020 — Inspired by the successful virtual events they had attended over the summer, BrandSwan Co-Founders Jenn Wells and Jane Clark are launching their 2nd virtual event and moving it from Zoom to Remo, an events platform that mimics the feel of an in-person conference. With virtual tables, video chatting, and presenter mode, Remo has all the usual conference features without the risk.

“We’ve been lucky enough to attend some great events hosted by other organizations in the Delaware Community. Many people, self included, are starting to appreciate and enjoy virtual events as much as in-person events. The capabilities of new online event platforms are so exciting and inspiring. It makes me feel, more than ever, that the future is now,” says Wells. The BrandSwan Co-Founders attribute the following groups for inspiring them:

While Wells focuses on the logistics of event planning, Clark is more concerned with the message. BrandSwan’s previous event, Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, helped attendees find ways to pivot their businesses to adapt to COVID and new technology challenges, while Reveal Your Inner Awesome focuses more on inspiring and connecting with its audience. “We are surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs and business professionals doing awesome things but they don’t realize it. I really hope our attendees leave their struggles at the virtual door: imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and constant obstacles that chip away at all our self-esteems,” says Clark.

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“We could not have put together this event without the help of our sponsors,” continues Clark, “Aras Furniture Rentals signed up almost immediately, shortly followed by Brenda Romeus, a commercial REALTOR. Our sponsorships are industry-exclusive and we appreciate them so much!” For more information, visit them at https://arasfurniturerentals.com/ and https://brendaromeus.com/.

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About the Event

Description: This virtual event hosted by BrandSwan brings together small business owners and professionals from every industry to discover and celebrate the best in their businesses and themselves. With speakers and panels covering topics like aligning passion with talent, branding, and career pivots, as well as networking opportunities and a group meditation to end the day, this event has something for every entrepreneur. Attendees will be provided an interactive worksheet to get the most out of the event.

Join us on November 13th for:

  • Educational & inspirational workshops
  • Networking & community
  • Fun in-event games & door prizes
  • Resource round-up with extra goodies from our speakers & sponsors as a special thank you to all attendees after the event
  • A take-away worksheet
  • And, most importantly, to uncover and reveal your inner awesome!


  • 10:00–10:30 — Event Opens! Network & Explore
  • 10:30–11:00 — Welcoming Remarks
  • 11:00–11:45 — Reveal Your Inner Awesome Keynote (Jane Clark)
  • 12:00–12:30 — Let Your Talent Lead You to Your Passion (Tonya Baynes)
  • 12:30–1:00 — The One Question That Will Change Your Life (Adina Tovell)
  • 1:00–1:30 — How Branding Authenticity Leads to Success (Panel – Traci Manza Murphy, Linda Arrey, Jean Milfort, Brooke Miles, moderated by Towanda Livingston)
  • 2:00–2:45 — Career Pivots: What If Your Passion Changes? (Panel – Nyia Rennalls, Holly Quinn, Ashley Dixon, Lee Burstein, moderated by Jenn Wells)
  • 3:00–3:30 — Don’t Let Stress Interfere With Your Awesome (Emily Mannis)
  • 4:00–4:30 — Momentous Life by Design (Malaika Simmons)
  • 4:30–5:00 — Announce scavenger hunt winners/door prizes, event closes (Jenn & Jane)


In addition to hosting biannual events, BrandSwan helps small businesses, professionals, and nonprofits break away from the flock through story-driven branding, web design & marketing. For more information, visit https://brandswan.design/.

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