How to Become a Sought-After Brand

A Letter from Jane

As a brand strategist, it’s my job to tell brand stories and craft campaigns that make people feel part of something special. I help companies become a sought-after brand by making them more attractive to their target audience and ultimately this increases sales.

There is an art — and a little bit of psychology — to getting and retaining customers. It takes an immense amount of dedication and effort to become a highly sought-after brand. Crafting an identity and creating a memorable image for yourself as a superior, dependable, and top-notch product or service provider is no easy feat. After all, consumers want the highest quality and their money’s worth. That’s why positioning yourself as an attractive choice is so important.

So, here’s the big question. How do you brand yourself so that you are on the short list of companies people flock to? Here are some of my key brand strategies:

Brand Everything — Including Packaging

In today’s competitive market, where there are countless options for consumers to choose from, having eye-catching and well-designed packaging can give a brand a significant advantage. The packaging design, colors, and overall aesthetic can leave a lasting impression and influence their purchasing decisions. In today’s competitive market, where there are countless options for consumers to choose from, having eye-catching and well-designed packaging can give a brand a significant advantage. Use it as an opportunity to communicate your brand’s message, values, and story so you can connect emotionally and enhance brand loyalty.

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Offer Something Unique No Other Brand Boasts

What’s your secret sauce? What makes you stand a part? This unique value proposition is crucial. Why should we care?

Narrate a Brand Story People Can Relate To

Knowing why a founder created a company and the challenges they overcame can create an emotional connection with your audience. Take a chance. Be vulnerable.

Establish Brand Values

Put your values out there for the world to see and stand by them. People will flock to work with you and vibe with your company culture.

Gain In-depth Knowledge of Your Target Audience

Consider diving into their customer journey. At what point could they use your product or service? Does the relationship end or is there an opportunity to retain their business?

Build Relationships

Hang with other brands and influencers who share similar values to gain credibility and brand awareness. Being vouched for by other sought-after brands will give you a bump.

Offer Something Exclusive

Employing creative tactics like introducing limited releases or providing special offers can tap into customers’ desire for exclusivity. This tends to be a big motivator when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Create Anticipation

Consumers tend to appreciate it when there’s anticipation built up around upcoming products or services — something we call “waiting game marketing.” It increases excitement around what you’re selling and leaves customers wanting more. Video game companies do this all the time. Humans tend to be more driven by fear of missing out (FOMO) than the potential to gain something.

Timing is Everything

If you want to make sure that your brand is out there and visible, you need to predict the right time. For example, when my clients really want to launch at the end of December or at the beginning of January, I have to talk them out of it… The Holidays are the only things in consumers’ minds. (Assuming their industry is unaffiliated with this time of year, of course.)

At the end of the day, mastering the art of becoming a sought-after brand requires combining all these elements into one cohesive package that resonates with potential customers from all angles. Your job is to understand their preferences better than anyone else, showcasing credibility in your field, offering unique features that others don’t have, and using psychological triggers like anticipation effectively — all working together towards forming an irresistible mix for those looking for their perfect alignment.

BrandSwan's Chief Creative Officer

Jane Clark, Chief Creative Officer of BrandSwan

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