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Your Nonprofit DNA

DNA is unique to you. So, as a nonprofit, you have a way of impacting change in the world that’s different from the hundreds of thousands of nonprofits also operating in this space. (Over 2,000 just in Delaware!)

Just like the for-profit climate, you and all these other organizations are competing for the same audience. This makes compassion and donor fatigue your greatest enemies. If your audience gets tired of hearing too many heartbreaking stories or loses touch with your mission and impact, then that puts a huge dip in your revenue stream. Consistent brand messaging is the key to ensuring that your audience remains engaged.

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USA Consumers


Worldwide Consumers

64% of U.S. consumers and 59% of worldwide consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience (PwC). Nonprofit work is a people-first industry, and people want to connect with the movements they are a part of. So feeling like there are real people (who get them) behind these brands they interact with is the first step. 

In Deloitte Digital’s 2019 report they note that “By mirroring the qualities of positive human relationships, brands can cultivate the kinds of connections that will convert customers into loyalists” (Deloitte Digital). A loyal community is the backbone of any long-term fundraising initiative. As such, making your brand more human is paramount. This entails you looking at your brand perception from the perspective of what would interest you, inspire you, engage you, exhaust you, and deter you from interacting with your nonprofit.

Now, that’s the first stage of the brand assessment which we offer at BrandSwan. Our process determines your key differentiators, growth areas, and winning strategy which we then build into your messaging, logo, website, print and digital design, and brand style guide. By keeping your voice and visuals consistent, your brand can then connect with your target audience in a meaningful, authentic, and memorable way. That’s all there is to Nonprofit Branding and Marketing.

Nonprofit Branding & Marketing

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Connect with your audience through the right brand and the right strategy that leaves them enriched and emotionally in tune with your cause.

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