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Pop In Artisan Pops

Artisanal Ice Pops Made Fresh Daily

Once a month we highlight a brand we’re obsessed with as well as tips to achieve a similar brand personality through your color palette and typography. This month we’re featuring Pop In, who is dedicated to making daily Artisanal ice pops using natural ingredients. They are located in Middletown, Delaware.

Color Palette

Jane Clark, Co-Founder & Creative Director of BrandSwan

What We Love

When our Communications Manager, Kelsey, brought this to my attention, it was love at first site. I adore the clean design and the fact that their story is front and center. So many times brands sacrifice values and culture for a more user-centric design, leaving the brand feeling like it’s missing something. This brand has the right amount of excitement, trust for the natural ingredients, and humility in its brand voice to make lifelong advocates. What’s not to love?

Heart sign-off graphic for Jane & Jenn, co-founders of Brandswan, a Delaware web design agency

Why it Works

In addition to a great, minimalist brand look, Pop In lets the product speak for itself. Their social media accounts are full of amazing product photos, along with happy customers enjoying the product. But what really takes it to the next level, in our opinion, are the short videos and reels showcasing the owner and behind-the-scenes shots that make you feel connected to the people behind the brand.

Jenn's Signature Sign off

Jenn Wells, Co-Founder & Marketing Director of BrandSwan

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