Dynamic Systems

Branding Collection

Drone Photographer Brand & Business Cards

Dynamic Systems was relaunching the organization as a drone photographer and needed an eye-catching brand design. We worked with them to develop a bright, simple design that echoes the idea of flight through color arrangement and business cards that use transparency to make the design pop.

  • Logo
  • Style Sheet
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Covers

Color Palette



Brand Fonts

Dynamic Systems Logo Design by BrandSwan, a logo design company
Dynamic Systems Business Cards Design by BrandSwan, a graphic design company

“Working with [BrandSwan] has been a terrific experience. We have just completed the first phase of my project, branding, logos, artwork, and business cards. Printing on clear plastic was suggested and followed. I’ve gotten rave reviews from my colleagues and prospects when they see the business card. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together…”

Lee Burstein

CEO, Dynamic Systems


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