Even Keel Ops

Branding Collection

Virtual Operations Manager Logo Design

In a world of virtual assistants, Even Keel Ops wanted to stand out as a Virtual Operations Manager, who would help build a streamlined business, not just run your virtual errands. We worked with the owner to name her company and design a logo with a nautical theme that would symbolize movement towards an end goal and give a playful, informal feel that matched the owner’s personality.

Active Adult Realty Web Design by BrandSwan, a web design company

“When it was time to rebrand my business, I knew a self-made logo wasn’t going to cut it. …I knew I wanted nautical. I gave these very vague instructions to [BrandSwan] and hoped they were enough. After our first pass at a logo, none of the options felt quite right, but they were close! By this time I had a better idea of colors for my brand, so I sent a picture of a blanket I loved and told [them] I wanted something dark but colorful. [BrandSwan] knocked my logo design out of the park with [their] second round of designs. I was ecstatic that [they] could take my vague request and create something that fit my brand to a tee!”

Kelli S.

Captain & COO, Even Keel Ops


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