Nightingale Branding Package

Employee Appreciation Brand & Website

Gerdons needed to create a brand to highlight their business model which features gift ideas and experiences that managers can give to their employees as a token of gratitude. In addition to designing the brand and website, we worked with Gerdons to rework the product descriptions to add personality and tailor the copy to their target audience.

  • Logo Design
  • Style Sheet
  • Business Cards
  • Website Design

Color Palette


Light Burgundy



Gerdons Logo Design by BrandSwan, a logo design company
Gerdons Business Cards Design by BrandSwan, a graphic design company
Gerdons Brand Design by BrandSwan, a brand design company
Gerdons Web Design by BrandSwan, a web design company

“I have had disappointing experiences with finding dependable, experienced, and knowledgeable website designers. That was until I found [BrandSwan.] They built and designed a very professional and easy to use website that I’m sure will grow my business exponentially better.”

Al Pollard

Owner, Gerdons


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