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Graphic & Web Design

Award-Winning Self-Publishing Website Design

The Happy Self-Publisher provides personalized and comprehensive self-publishing coaching, consulting and implementation services for new and experienced writers. We worked with the Happy Self-Publisher to create many eye-catching promotional pieces as well as a website with fun illustrations to give it an energetic, playful feel, and strategic calls to action to draw users through the client’s content funnel. The website then won an award in the Delaware Press Association’s (DPA) 2021 Communications Contest!

  • Banner
  • Book Outline
  • Lead Magnet
  • Author Sheet
  • Postcard
  • Online Postcard
  • Press Kit
  • Publishing Checklist
  • Target Reader Worksheet
  • Website

Color Palette




Award-winning Web Design

BrandSwan team and Lois Hoffman win 1st place for 35 Web and Social Media, Personal Website

1st place — Web and Social Media, Personal Website (Category 35) 2021

BrandSwan Team Award WinnersJane Clark, Jenn Wells, Emily Martin, Kelsey Buckingham, Aika San Diego, Alayne Rivera-Butler

“The team at [BrandSwan] always creates beautiful designs even when I can’t articulate what I want. They ask good questions to help me formulate a better understanding of the power of each project. I know I’ll always walk away happy whenever I work with [BrandSwan].”

Lois Hoffman

Owner, The Happy Self-Publisher


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