H&S Impact Group

Nightingale Branding Package

Consulting Company Brand & Website Design

H&S Impact Group was a startup looking for a company brand that also had space for the personal brand of its founder, Sarah Harrison. We worked with H&S to develop a brand that symbolized the merging of their 4 key areas of influence: health, economics, criminal justice, and education, and that highlighted the firms dedicated to diversity.

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Banner
  • Website Design

Color Palette


Red Orange

Light Blue


Lighter Blue



Bright Blue

CLIENT NAME Logo Design by BrandSwan, a logo design company
Style Sheet by BrandSwan
CLIENT NAME Business Cards Design by BrandSwan, a graphic design company
CLIENT NAME Web Design by BrandSwan, a web design company
CLIENT NAME Graphic Design by BrandSwan, a graphic design company


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