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Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Brand & Website

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Towanda Livingston was branching out into her own company after years of corporate experience. She needed a clean, simple website to convert potential leads, as well as other basic branding materials. We worked with Towanda to develop an energetic, exciting brand to appeal to both her corporate and small business clients.

  • Logo
  • Style Sheet
  • Business Card
  • Email Signature
  • Website
  • Email Newsletter Template

Color Palette






Livingston WoRX Logo Design by BrandSwan, a logo design company
Livingston WoRX Web Design by BrandSwan, a web design company
Livingston WoRX Business Cards Design by BrandSwan, a graphic design company
Livingston WoRX Logo Design by BrandSwan, a logo design company

“BrandSwan’s work and customer experience are impeccable! BrandSwan’s attention to detail and customer focus made it easy for me to bring my vision to life with my customers in mind. BrandSwan is excellence in motion and I highly recommend them to take your business to the next level and to elevate your business presence in the marketplace. BrandSwan’s clean, creative and compelling designs are empowering and invigorating… their designs bring energy to Livingston Worx’s mission.”

Towanda Livingston

Chief Business Strategist, Livingston Worx


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