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OnNUp Coaching had a website that was difficult to use and update and didn’t meet current best practices for mobile. We worked with OnNUp Coaching to create an easy-to-use website that would help the owner share his content resources through blogging, and that matched the warmth and energy of his brand.

Active Adult Realty Web Design by BrandSwan, a web design company

“I really like my new website – it reflects me and the brand that I want to project (especially love the image with the actual pens that I use). There is no comparison between the flexibility I have now to add and organize my blogs (the most active part of my site) and before. The actual process of adding new blogs significantly reduces the amount of work I have to do, allowing me to focus on content. Since the website launched I’ve had an uptick in leads and returning clients. Coaching is a relationship business, so the site on its own won’t directly drive most of my prospects, but it has proven to be a great backdrop in establishing credibility with my newer clients and those who refer me.”

Paul Gaskell

Owner & Coach, On N Up Coaching

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