Wilmington Ballet

Logo & Event Design

Nonprofit Dance Logo & Event Graphic

The Wilmington Ballet was rebranding and wanting a more contemporary look that was clean and timeless. We developed a simple font-style logo with a fluid font to evoke the feeling of dance, and a bright, energetic color palette. We also worked with them on a design to promote The Nutcracker Experience.

  • Logo
  • Style Sheet
  • Poster Design
  • T-Shirt Design

Color Palette





Brand Fonts

Wilmington Ballet Logo Design by BrandSwan, a logo design company
Wilmington Ballet T-shirt Design by BrandSwan, a graphic design company
Wilmington Ballet Brand Design by BrandSwan, a brand design company
Theater nonprofit poster design from BrandSwan, a Delaware branding agency

“The Wilmington Ballet executive and artistic administration LOVED working with BrandSwan! It was TRULY a creative process from start to finish! The brilliant energy, and care from these amazing artists, and human beings was palpable, and inspiring along every step in the process. I look forward to collaborating with them again, and again, and again….!”

Benjamin Cannon

Executive Director, The Wilmington Ballet (Academy of the Dance)


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