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Theater nonprofit & dance company logo from BrandSwan, a Delaware branding agency
Merchant solutions logo design by BrandSwan, a Delaware branding agency
L&W Logo Design — Insurance Agents in Delaware
Woman-owned recruiting company, P3Hired, is one of BrandSwan's Woman-Owned Certified Swans


We specialize in creating captivating brand experiences that foster an emotional bond and spur engagement between businesses and their customers. Here is how we assess if a company needs a brand resurrection…

You Should Rebrand If…

You’ve graduated from the start-up phase.

You’ve been around for a while and have found a business model and/or a product offering that is generating consistent revenue (Forbes). You now have regular clients, and dare I say a growing fan base of people loyal to your business. People seem really happy with what you have on offer so business is going steady and good. But now it’s time to once the more mature you. 

Your audience has changed.

You are diversifying your product/service line or you’re pivoting to a new product offering altogether. In another case, you find that your customers’ needs have changed so you need to adapt your message to reflect what the market wants. All these reasons warrant a good update. 

You’ve extended your market reach.

Your brand has outgrown your original mission and reach, so now you‘re moving into out-of-state, national, and/or international markets. You definitely need the brand to take on a face that matches your new outlook — and transcends cultures.

You’re struggling to raise your prices.

You’re definitely offering more value for money, your clients say so and you feel it too. So, you’d like your pricing to reflect that. However, it seems this change conflicts with your current brand positioning as the budget-friendly option. It might be time to pivot from that perception.  

You want to overcome bad brand perceptions.

In today’s fast-paced and digitally-charged world, negative connotations can arise from anything from a rogue meme, or political misstep, to a bad rebrand or unexpected business mistake. Once this leaves your audience with a sour taste in the mouth, the challenge is then how to re-present your brand in a positive light. Believe it or not, it’s not impossible. It just requires a good brand audit. (Psst, BrandSwan can help!)

Your logo is outdated.

It was fine when you started but now everything just seems dull and stuck in the 1990s/early 2000s. The mark is out-of-touch and it’s just not cutting it as a timeless brand impression. Basically, it just could do with a refresh.

Your brand needs a clearer message.

Sometimes people are just a bit confused about what you do exactly — and you’re noticing you can’t quite say it consisely and clearly. Let’s clarity your brand messaging so your target audience can find you and why you’re the best option.

Change of ownership.

You’re the new business owner and you’d like to announce your “We’re under New Management” in a way that not only reassures your current customer base but brings in an excited new wave of clients. What’s crucial now is to understand what’s the right balance when it comes to changing your identity.  

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