Safe Spaces

A Letter from Our Co-Founders

Dear Friends, Clients, and Acquaintances,

Recently, someone told us they think of our company (and working with us) as a safe space. We were incredibly touched and honored to be thought of that way. (Jane said someone was cutting onions.) This spurred a discussion of our company values and if it was possible for a branding company to truly be a safe space for more people.

So, while we’re not mental health professionals and we’re not a support group, we are a group of supportive people who believe:

…in the power of kindness and tolerance.

…that people should be built up instead of torn down.

…your light is never dimmed by shining a light on another.

…that there is nothing wrong with pineapple on pizza.

…an eye for an eye makes the whole world  blind.

…in active listening.

…black lives matter.

 …love is love.

…your identity is valid.

…we’re all trying to do our best with what we’re given.

…we’re all worthy of love.

Not everyone shares our values and even our closest friends will never agree on everything. These values come from a place of love, tolerance, and a desire to understand our community and our peers.  Of course, it’s impossible to support everyone when people’s beliefs so sharply contrast each other. So we do have a few hard lines in the sand:

…we don’t work with hate groups or people that endorse hate groups.

…we don’t help spread dangerous or reckless misinformation.

…we don’t do work that will be used in a negative way or that conflicts with our beliefs.

…we won’t be silent about the things we care about in order to work with someone who is uncomfortable with it.

We strive not to be divisive wherever possible, and instead focus on finding common ground and understanding. We support you in every way we are able, whether it’s helping you build a kickass brand, sharing your stuff on social media, or just being here as an employer/partner/vendor/listening ear.

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