Michelle Myambo, Marketing Assistant at BrandSwan

Michelle Myambo

Senior Marketing Analyst

Coming up on 11,000 hours of copywriting and graphic design experience, Michelle is a whiz at crafting digital content. Her superpower — morphing rows of complex copy and research material into bold and evocative brand voices. This love for writing and strategy sparked at the African Leadership Academy, and it grew in leaps during her time at Tel Aviv University. From TAU she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Multidisciplinary Studies. Michelle’s passion continues to be evident in the emotive flair she infuses into blogs, social media content, websites, and sales pages. Her goal: to drive up brand impact through meaningful customer connections. And when she’s not typing up a storm? Michelle is busy creating marketing strategies that make brands explode! Just ask the gourmet street food business whose following skyrocketed 6X in under 5 months thanks to her campaign. As BrandSwan’s Marketing Analyst, she has tackled close to 15 client projects, across multiple industries, providing competitive analysis and differentiation advice. She’s the next-level MacGyver you need on your marketing team.