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Top 10 Most Inspiring Women

As we wrap up the Top 10 Most Inspiring Women series, I reflected on all of the amazing women we’ve interviewed over the years. Since it’s inception over at Teakettica, I’ve wanted to put someone on the list, but the words favoritism, inappropriate, and lame all came to mind, so I didn’t.

My earliest memory of co-founder Jenn Wells was at least 6 year ago when I owned Teakettica. I had an internship program and I remember telling her that in order for her to be a web designer, she had to learn a small list of things. THEN I remember her contacting me a few months later and she had successfully done all of those things, and that’s when she really impressed me. Later, a mutual friend threw us back together when they invited me to their creative brunch. We closely followed each other’s careers and kept in contact. We formed a friendship and the rest is history.

The true pivotal moment was when we kicked around the idea of working together — in the name of fun, of course — we both kept bringing it back up and it was clear at that point the idea wasn’t going away. Fueled by each other’s excitement, BrandSwan was born. We had started this new venture together. Yet, at this point, there was no talk of mergers. We still owned our separate business.

Jenn had earned some coaching with the amazing Paul Gaskell and it quickly turned into a therapy session. We shared concerns we had in going to business with one another: what would happen if one of us wanted to stop, how would it affect our friendship, what would happen if it just didn’t work out, how would we split our clients in the event we ended, and other things that one may consider when going into business with a partner. The biggest one being, what if she just got tired of me?

And there was of course the biggest concern of them all. A few naysayers put a little bird in my ear that I shouldn’t just *give* someone something I’ve built over the last decade. Yet… I’ve always dreamed of having a partner, but until Jenn, I couldn’t quite picture it happening.

5 months later, in July of 2020, I had a breakthrough (thanks Paul!), that I didn’t want to run two businesses. I wanted to run one amazing business, and I wanted to run it with Jenn. We decided to do it. We took all of our eggs and put it in a single basket and Jenn Wells Design and Teakettica rolled into our new venture.

Since our 1 year anniversary rolled around, I’ve reflected over our accomplishments and partnership, and thought this was a great time.

But don’t just take it from me. Here is what the team had to say…


“She makes everyone feel welcome and encourages our growth. Jenn is just an amazing person to work with, talented and really cares about the work she produces.”

“Jenn is a hardworking force of nature with a kind personality! She tremendously helps the team to work efficiently and enthusiastically. And her dedication to creating good work is always evident in what she does.”

— Aika

“From the start, I’ve loved working with Jenn; she radiates positive energy and brings out the best in everybody. She keeps us all on the same page and does so with the best attitude! Jenn is a perfect addition to our team.”

— Alayne

“Jenn is a perfect fit in our team, I loved working with her from the get go. Her workflows and organization techniques are amazing! She makes everyone feel welcome and encourages our growth. Jenn is just an amazing person to work with, talented and really cares about the work she produces.”

— Kelsey

“She adapted really quickly to working with our team. Her organizational skills are off the charts! I feel like we function more efficiently while still providing value. She keeps everyone included in the conversation, listening to our ideas, and is quick to respond.”

— Emily

So folks, that is the reason why I consider Jenn Wells to be a Top Most Inspiring Woman, even if it would look super cheesy to add her to our own list. Jenn is the best partner ever and has more than earned her place amongst her new team. From putting money back into the business to fuel its growth to earning the respect of all who work with her. She’s the perfect fit for me, complimenting me in a variety of areas. Not to mention, her community outreach alone has propelled BrandSwan’s growth and has gotten it in mere months when it took me years to do the same thing. Her passion is contagious, inspiring, and urges us to rise to the occasion. Thank you, Jenn! For making us better.


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