We Have Huge News

A letter from Jane & Jenn

Hi everyone! It’s Jane & Jenn.

We have huge news. Watch the announcement or read on.

Jenn has left the business ownership world behind to pursue a marketing position in the nonprofit sector. We’re both sad and excited for the new opportunities this brings.

Jane wrote this to commemorate the occasion:

Jenn’s heart has always been in the nonprofit sector and so I wasn’t quite surprised when she let me know she was thinking of a change.

Jenn finds something that has that IT factor and makes it 100x better than how she found it. Jenn will always be the Co-Founder of BrandSwan and will be around to celebrate all of it’s continued success, popping in with inspiration, new ideas, and support with her reduced role… (aka BrandSwan’s Fairy Godmother.)

As for the future of BrandSwan…

BrandSwan isn’t going anywhere and will still function as per normal. It’s business as usual! Jane has taken on full ownership of the company, which she has a lot of experience with, given her 12 years of running Teakettica prior to BrandSwan. Nothing is going to change as far as our hours, team, stability, or processes. While we will miss having Jenn around, Jane has got this and Jenn will be cheering our swans on from not-so-afar.

I love BrandSwan and I’m so incredibly grateful to have been part of building something so amazing.

Jenn Wells and Jane Clark, Co-Founders of BrandSwan
Heart sign-off graphic for Jane & Jenn, co-founders of Brandswan, a Delaware web design agency

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