Contact Form Messages

Avoid Getting Marked as Spam

When going through your email, you may have noticed that a lot more messages are getting marked as spam. That’s because many web hosts are starting to crack down on the amount of spam messages with tools such as new filters and contact forms that are more difficult to fill out.

Big name companies such as Google have implemented a system that rejects emails that include “highly restricted” character combinations. These filters search for symbols and similar looking letters that could lead users to mistake a spam email as something important. While these types of filters are great for blocking spam, sometimes they do their job too well.

For sites like WordPress, the Contact Form 7 is a common plugin. However, users have reported their emails getting marked as spam with Gmail’s filters. If you’re having these same issues there are ways that you can fix this. It is possible that your address is getting flagged. A simple fix for this is to create an email account for your site. However, if this doesn’t work you can create your own Gmail filter to keep your contact forms from being marked as spam.

Contact Form 7 also has great built-in anti-spam measures. If you haven’t had a chance to use these features, you should check them out. Some of the features include simple quizzes, minimum character counts, CAPTCHAs, and even a few behind the scene tools that users won’t even notice.

While web hosts are doing the best to crack down on the amount of spam filling up your inbox, sometimes their filters work a little too well or not enough. Thankfully, web hosts often have plenty of tools to customize your filters.

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