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Sought-After Brand Design

Our mission as brand strategists and storytellers is to make people feel part of something special. This fosters an emotional bond that spurs customer engagement. By making your offerings more appealing to your target audience, we help organizations like yours become sought-after brands. 

Feather floating
Floating white feather
Floating white feather
Real estate agency logo design by BrandSwan, a woman-owned branding agency
Theater nonprofit & dance company logo from BrandSwan, a Delaware branding agency
DEI consultant logo design from BrandSwan, a Delaware branding agency
Cleaning company logo design butterfly from BrandSwan, a logo design company in Delaware

Branding & Rebranding

The Hummingbird

For Fledglings

Starting at $2,500

Brand Assessment
Style Sheet

The Phoenix

Preening for Existing Brands

Starting at $3,500

Brand Assessment
Brand Audit
Brand Strategy
Logo Preening
up to 5 hours
Brand Book

The Swan

Full Brand Build for Startups & Rebrands

Starting at $5,500

Brand Assessment
Brand Strategy
Logo & Brand Design
Brand Book
1 on 1 Strategy Session
(60 Minutes)
Canva Brand Kit (optional)

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What is Branding?

Branding is the essence of who you are, and it goes beyond just a glance. While your company identity includes your colors, fonts, taglines, etc., it also includes your brand voice and tone, your vision and personality, as well as what our services and products are unique to our company. As a Woman-owned branding agency, we can help you manage your image and reputation both locally and nationally. Our clients come from diverse organizations and demographics, local and national.

What’s the difference between branding and marketing?

While marketing and branding go hand in hand, they are quite different. Branding is how you are perceived, while marketing is the action of getting you seen.

Branding Services

Use our à la carte services to create the perfect package.

Brand Assessment

Brand Goals, Target Audience, Competitor Analysis, Positioning & SWOT

Brand Asset Curation

Curation of Patterns, Icons, Images, and Other Brand Imagery

Brand Audit & Tweaks

Branding insights and findings, including up to 5 hours of Logo Preening

Brand Book

Communicate your brand guidelines with a 10+ booklet, beautifully detailing your company's visual identity, rules and guidelines. This book outlines your preferred logos, colors, typography, and tone along with your brand's mission statement, positioning, identity, and values.

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Messaging & Positioning
  • Core Values
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision
  • Slogan
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Tone
  • In-depth Target Audience
  • Brand Positioning

Canva Branding Kit

  • We'll build your very own library of brand assets:
  • Web & Print Resolutions of Graphics & Photos
  • Setup of Brand Colors & Fonts
  • Get Hands-On with Your Brand & Marketing

Requires Canva Pro Account.

Content Creation

We interview and then edit and/or create content for your website, social media, and more.

Email Newsletter Templates

We'll design your email newsletter template with branded colors, fonts and button styles along with a banner graphic.

Email Signature

We'll design and code your branded email signature and ensure it's compatible with latest versions of both Outlook and brower-based email like Google.

Naming Your Busines

Partner with BrandSwan to craft the perfect company name. We'll take you through our naming strategy and guide you on how to choose the one that is most memorable, unique, and ownable.

Logo & Brand Design

Brand Fonts & Files
Color Palette
Variety of Logo Sizes, Variations & Formats:

Vector, Web & Print
.eps, .png, .jpg
Social Media & Fav Icons
Transparent Background
1 & 2 Color Imprint (as needed)
Versions for Light and Dark Backgrounds (as needed)

Logo Design | Rebranding

Social Media Branding

  • Boost Brand Awareness with Consistent Messaging and Visuals
  • Copyediting Profile information
  • Cover Graphics

Web & Print Design of all Brand Assets

Business cards, rack cards, brochures, ads — you name, it, we can design it with creativity, cleverness, and goals in mind. See More.

Need Guidance?

Our flock will point the way north.

Kind Words

“BrandSwan’s clean, creative and compelling designs are empowering and invigorating.”

Towanda Livingston
Chief Business Strategist, Livingston Worx
I love how my website turned out and frequently get compliments on my business cards!

Katelyn Keeper
Owner, GoGo Books
“Knowledgeable, creative, responsive, quick, and they are also great teachers.”

Michelle D McCann, Author & Divine Channel, client of BrandSwan
Michelle D McCann
Author & Divine Channel
“BrandSwan is the true revolution of the 21 century.”

Jean Milfort, BrandSwan Live interviewee
Jean Milfort
CEO/Owner & Operator, Aras Furniture Rentals
Patience, creativity, and attention to detail

Steve Oliver
Owner, Caravel Day Camp
“I’ve gotten rave reviews from my colleagues and prospects when they see the business card.”

Lee Burstein, owner of Dynamic Systems and panelist at Reveal Your Inner Awesome
Lee Burstein
CEO, Dynamic Systems
In addition to designing a best in class website, they also have awesome networking events

Jeniece Waters
Owner, E&V Cleaning
Always ready to share [their] experience and run the extra mile for our business

Olivier Noël
CEO, ETOS Consulting
[BrandSwan] was amazingly easy to work with, and I’m looking forward to working with [them] again on future projects!

Kelli S.
COO, Even Keel Ops
[BrandSwan] is easy to communicate with and very quick. They delivered what they promised and more.

Chris Tyler
Partner / Risk Alchemist, Risk Alchemy
Great experience with a great team. Highly recommend!

Susan McLean
Owner, Susan McLean Photography
Working with [BrandSwan] has been a pleasure and we have enjoyed their creative expertise.

Carol Ann Thomas
Owner & Stylist, The Upper Cut
The more we work with [BrandSwan,] the more projects we have for them!

Randy Ciafre
Owner, VacuuPro
“The brilliant energy, and care from these amazing artists, and human beings was palpable, and inspiring along every step in the process.”

Benjamin Cannon of The Wilmington Ballet
Benjamin Cannon
Executive Director, The Wilmington Ballet
We found the company’s portfolio to be contemporary and welcoming

Jeanette Ward
Owner, Companion Animal Veterinary Associates
“BrandSwan turned the vision for my start-up into a reality!”

Tamara Nicholson, Founder/Principle of Unicorn Consulting Solutions
Tamara Nicholson
Founder/Principle, Unicorn Consulting Solutions
Exceeded My Expectations

Todd Popham
Founder & President of Popham Associates
Understood My Vision

2022 Inspiring Woman, Emily Dougherty of Embodied Brilliance
Emily Dougherty
Founder of Embodied Brilliance
“They were knowledgeable, creative, patient, and determined to fine tune every detail”

Mary Sue

BrandSwan (formerly Teakettica) has helped me so much over the last 3.5 years. From taking my amateur logo to something that is professional, creating physical marketing materials and a landing page that morphed into a real website and advice, support, encouragement and PATIENCE… Swans

Denise Billen-Mejia MD
Akeso & Aglaia
BrandSwan has had a major impact on our growth

Toby Guinn, Sr.
Global Merchant Partners