We have a soft spot for helping nonprofits & small businesses change the world.

About BrandSwan

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A woman-owned Creative Agency

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Jenn Wells and Jane Clark, Co-Founders of BrandSwan

Co-Bosses Jenn Wells & Jane Clark

A Woman-Owned Creative Agency in Newark, Delaware

BrandSwan helps professionals, small businesses and nonprofits break away from the flock through story-driven branding, web design & marketing. We have a soft spot for helping changemakers in every industry positively impact the world. We are a 100% woman-owned creative agency located in Newark, Delaware. 

BrandSwan was founded by Jane Clark and Jenn Wells in March of 2020 through a merger of Teakettica and Jenn Wells Design


How it All Began…

Jane and Jenn were designers, business owners, and friends. Despite over a decade of running their own separate businesses, Teakettica and Jenn Wells Design, they knew they wanted to collaborate on somethingWhile the idea of working together had been tossed around, the co-founders didn’t have a solid idea of what that would look like until late 2019, when Jenn confided to Jane that she was planning on leaving her then full-time job to focus on running a business. Within 30 seconds, Jane had called her friend to get the details and started a conversation that would continue for several months and result in the founding of BrandSwan LLC in February of 2020. 

In July of 2020, Teakettica (12 years) and Jenn Wells Design (9 years) officially merged into BrandSwan. Same people. Same services. New vision…

Our Vision & Values

"I want my business to be more than just a money generator. Nonprofits work to change the world every day, and by helping a small business owner you can change their entire world.”

— BrandSwan Co-Founder Jenn Wells

"When I founded Teakettica in 2009, it was created mostly out of necessity. In contrast to that, BrandSwan was created with thoughtfulness and vision."

— BrandSwan Co-Founder Jane Clark


Birds of feather flock together but when it comes to the business world, making the same choices as everyone else leads to less visibility and recognition, as well as heavier competition for clients and resources. BrandSwan helps you cut through the noise. We work with you to create a brand that highlights what makes you unique, valuable, and compelling. And then we take that one step further with strategic marketing strategies to get your voice heard. Your story is waiting to be told – break away from the flock and reveal your inner awesome.


We are surrounded by awesome people doing awesome things. And all too frequently, they don’t realize it. Our business friends struggle with imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and constant obstacles that chip away at their self-esteem. BrandSwan is a creative agency founded as an affirmation of our clients’ and friends’ awesomeness so that they, and the rest of the world, can see what we see. We unveil their inner confidence, power, and value so they can soar.

Our Approach

BrandSwan’s approach focuses on our core strengths — branding and marketing — and applies them strategically for our clients’ industries. The right brand helps businesses and nonprofits cut through the noise of competitors and corporations to stand out and receive recognition for the work they’re doing. Meanwhile, marketing translates that brand into meaningful conversations, leads, and, ultimately, income.

BrandSwan is a Delaware branding agency specializing in brand design, web design, and marketing.


BrandSwan team and Lois Hoffman win 1st place for 35 Web and Social Media, Personal Website

1st place — Web and Social Media, Personal Website (Category 35) 2021

Project: Lois Hoffman, The Happy Self-Publisher


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BrandSwan is an accredited DesignRush branding, digital, and web design agency
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