The Swan Experience

What It’s Like to Work with BrandSwan

Well, hello there! If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably thinking of giving us a try for your organization’s brand, website, or marketing. (Or you’re a dedicated fan who reads every piece of content we put out, in which case, WE LOVE YOU TOO!)
We know you need to do your due diligence and we thought we’d make it easier for you! Wondering what it’s like to work with BrandSwan? Read on…

The Swan Experience

Typically this is the time when most companies tell you how amazing they are and that you will never regret choosing them. What they don’t say is that they’re not the best fit for everyone and that, believe it or not, there are a few things they don’t do as well as others. But we believe in getting the elephant out of the room as soon as possible and not wasting your hard-earned money! So here it goes.

We are amazing at…

  • Storytelling — We LOVE getting to know our clients and then translating what makes them unique to the rest of the world.
  • Comprehensive Branding — We don’t just design a logo. We think about what materials your logo will be placed upon and what versions you’ll need, AND we provide a style sheet with your colors and fonts to keep things consistent every step of the way. We especially love doing branding packages because we get to work on your visuals, messaging, and website and help you tell a brand story that’s consistent across all mediums.
  • Showing Our Creative Process — You get to see what we’re thinking each step of the way, from initial research board to color palettes, sketched-out logo concepts, and final designs. We enjoy the collaboration, and no one’s time gets wasted.
  • Community Building — Our clients are rarely just a client! We host events, webinars, a Facebook group, and even blog posts that celebrate our clients and larger community. Obviously we want to show off the work we did for your brand, but we also truly want you to succeed and we’ll promote you as much as we can possibly squeeze it in.
  • Going the Extra Mile — Our logos come with fonts and color codes so you can share them with your team. Our marketing services include training options so you can take things in house if you need to. Even our websites include WordPress tutorials. We’ll say it again: WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED. And we’re not going to keep your brand hostage.
  • Strategy — Whether it’s competitor differentiation for your website, a customer journey map for your marketing plan, or simply helping you pick out the right CRM, we’re here for you! We want to build a plan that helps you stand out, appeals to your audience, feels right to you, AND won’t be overwhelming. For example, if you want to run your own marketing with a team of 1, we won’t build you a plan that involves 10 different tactics.

We are less great at…

  • IT and/or Tech Support — If it’s your website, we’ll fix it, but if it’s your hosting company/email provider/Internet/etc, we’re not your swans.
  • Emergencies — If your website gets hacked, we’ll drop everything to get it back. Buuuut… short of a hostile takeover from the dark web, we’re going to follow our creative process and provide the best product we can. Creativity cannot be rushed!
  • Marketing Quick Fixes — We don’t believe marketing can compensate for a brand and/or website that are lackluster. We believe in building a strong, compelling foundation, and then pushing out your amazing brand story through your various marketing channels.
  • Sales — We create content to help YOU tell your brand story, but at the end of the day convincing your audience to make the call/buy the product/donate is up to you.
  • Phone calls — Just because we’re millennials doesn’t mean we don’t believe in the phone! But isn’t it easier to schedule a call instead of playing phone tag back and forth for days?
  • Meeting in-person — Yes, the world is waking up from the quarantimes! But we really appreciate the flexibility and efficiency we’ve discovered with Zoom calls. Unless you need special accommodations, our services (which are all digital anyway) will remain virtual and we will set up pre-planned meetings for major project milestones only.

But that’s not all! We’ll go one step further and tell you what we look for in our clients.

We love working with clients who…

  • Put in the Work — To make sure we understand your brand, we’ll have questions for you. Questionnaires of questions. And we’ll need your input at each stage of the project to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.
  • Follow Our Process — We love collaboration, and we will absolutely offer opportunities for you to share your ideas and input. BUT the end result is always better if we plan ahead and collect all the information we need before we start designing instead of changing specs halfway through or trying to be reactive to a bunch of emails of new ideas. Trust the process.
  • Are Unafraid of Technology — This DOES NOT mean you have to know how to use every system we might ask you to. It simply means you’re willing to try. We use Zoom for calls, email for most of our communication, and we try to collect edits through PDF comments. We can teach you how to do anything you don’t know how to do and using these tools saves everyone time.
  • See the Value of Branding — We could talk your ear off about why branding is important and how it will impact your business. But we can’t make you believe it. If you’re just getting a logo because someone said you had to but you’re not excited about it… we might not be the best fit. We need you to be all in for us to get the best end product for you.
  • Have a Viable Business OR Business Model — We don’t want to waste your money! Do you have an audience, experience in this area and/or a business plan? The best brands focus on your audience and addressing their needs. So make sure you know who they are!
  • Give Feedback — If we design a logo and you hate it, don’t leave! TELL US and we can fix it. We never want to leave our clients feeling unheard or unsatisfied, and most design challenges can be worked through.

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